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Frank’n Stein frozen moment

Frank’n Stein frozen moment
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Emily came across this site today detailing some of the history of the Fiendish feet yogurt pots. These were conceived and developed by her mum, Jacqueline O’Neill, in the period 1988/89 just before she left Swindon.

I’ve hung onto this promotional pot which was also developed by Jacqueline to give out to supermarket buyers a nice touch was the tasting spoon.

Unfortunately after she left St Ivel to have Emily. St Ivel decided in their wisdom to hopelessly devalue the concept and change it to Fiendish Faces.

Here is a promotional set of 4 pots (still with the foil seals). They are:-
Rattle ‘n’ Roll Chocolate flavour.
Spooky Wooky Banana flavour.
Frank ‘n’ Stein Rasberry flavour.
Fangs a lot Strawberry flavour.