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Maya Lotan and Urbanseeder at Reboot8

Maya gave one of the most interesting talks at Reboot8. she described the experimental work she had been doing at Urbanseeder. the very apt talk title was 2 shots of flirting a shot of fashion and a twist of fate. Her website is at Urbanseeder

She compared her site to current online dating services.
Current >>> Urbanseeder
immediacy versus delay
formal vs ambigous
profiling vs mystery
isolated vs integral

Technology makes mistakes so minimize its role. Lure the hunters into your territory add joint junctions and twist fate to create ‘accidental’encounters.

Create familar strangers less than saying can I have your number more hope to see you around.

All done by handing out seeds – unique patterns than can be matched later.
Currently sheis trialing at a university. Will be interesting to see if it reaches the mainstream.