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A toast to the Apple of discord

Tonight I excelled myself by winning the Apple of Discord award at Cambridge Cogers. The Cogers are one, if not the oldest, debating society in the world. Founded in Fleet St. London in 1755
The Cambridge group only started a few months ago.

My talk was on the difference in the morality of a farmer in East Anglia making gallows for executions in Africa and Narus, the company that makes internet equipment that governments use for censorship eg China for blocking VoIP or illegal tapping eg USA
Both folks use the argument that they have no control over what their equipment is used for.

I also mentioned the two canvas’s (A drawing canvas and a boxing ring canvas) used in the prison film I saw some time ago. In response to the speaker who mentioned that something like 60% of the UK prison population is illiterate

David from Toastmaster was the only person I knew there. Toastmaster obviously must have its roots in Cogers, I suspect. Pity Ellee couldnt make it.

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  1. Congratulations Geoff, I’m sorry I missed it. I chickened out, but will make it later in the year when I have more confidence.

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