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NHS Blog Doctor: British GPs win Eurolottery

NHS Blog Doctor writes that British GPs win Eurolottery: “A full time partner in my practice currently earns about £140,000 year net of expenses. Over the last two years, we have had a pay rise of between twenty and twenty-five percent”

and of cause, he states,you can increase your pay by these lovely ruses too by using “Trainee GPs are better than free labour; GP trainers actually get PAID to have them” or “get a full time salaried GP for £70,000 a year. That is half the income of the GP principal” or even better get a nurse to do the work “You can afford six practice nurses for each GP” and of cause you need someone for the “administrative job of organising and presenting data” to maximise your wealth.

No wonder Ellee’s xGP partners are making her stick to the retirement age in their partnership agreement, when they stand to gain so much with these sorts of ‘pay’ rises and ruses courtesy of nulabour.

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  1. Yep, good point. I point into my ex-gp in Tesco the other day, she did seem low.

    Are you going to blog about our column in tonight’s CEN?

    Ann Hawkins has relaunched her blog too, I’ve just checked it out.

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