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MP communications..

Apparently I’m the 162nd person, according to Hear from your MP ,who is wanting David Howarth to have a “more genuine sort of interaction than just being sent newsletters.”

What we really need is a bulletin board like Grant Shapps MP runs here for his constituents in Welwyn Hatfield. They have had 1564 posts by 351 members. Interesting also that the software that runsthe board is free, supplied by simple machines
So David no exuses!

Thanks to Ellee for the Grant Shapps link

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  1. It’s made my day to see you have become a political blogger too. You won’t get any response from David Howarth, waste of time. He’ll never get his act together. He’s an academic, he’ll never be able to hold a conversation. They live on their own planet.

  2. You beat me to it as well. I was going to mention Grant’s forum on my blog tomorrow.

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