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Here is the most gut wrenching tale of what really happened at one of the July 7th bombings in London recounted by one of the survivors Rachel who helped set up the survivors action group “Kings Cross United”. It is staggering to think that university college hospital was only 6 minutes away and the incompetence of the government departments “I have worked out that I gave my details out eleven times at least, possibly more, but by 24th October I was still, apparently, not on an official Department of Culture Media and Sport list of survivors, and nor were many other passengers. This is staggeringly incompetent” and even more shockingly to me is that Ambulances did not arrive at Russell Square until almost 11am” even though they were called at 9.18am and that Rachel got to the hospital (by taxi) soon after 9.40am and obviously made them aware of the tragedy and remember this is not in a remote location, one of the UK’s finest teaching hospitals is literally a 6minute walk away. No wonder Blair is refusing a public enquiry.

Rachel’s full blog of her ordeal and subsequent events is at

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  1. Hi Geoff, I’m afraid the Rachel link did not work. During my visits to GOS Hospital, which also assisted on 7th July, there were many letters posted on the wall from people saying thanks for all their help. But I read a very sad tribute in their X-ray dept this week about one of their key staff members who was killed at Great Russell Street, the station we use too. Ellee

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