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Some understatement >> Stories >> Commentary >> The Rob Haitani Interview: “Haitani: We’re aware some quality-related issues about the Treo 600 have been discussed on TreoCentral, and we regret any problems customers experienced. The Treo 600 was obviously a significant redesign of the prior Treo products, so new issues arose we didn’t see on the earlier products. In designing the Treo 650, we took these factors into account as we always look to improve the product. We also went to an even more leveraged model that utilized the expertise of an ODM, which resulted in the introduction of significant process and structural changes to further enhance the quality of the Treo 650 product and so far we’re encouraged by the results, although we always strive to eliminate all issues. ”

Taken from interview with Rob Haitani Product Design Architect for PalmOne . Lets see I have probably got through 3 treo600’s in past year (aerial, buzzing twice, previously with treo270 I had around five of them aerial, speaker, crashing etc).

The big question is do I go for the Treo650 especially with all the problems Suzanne is experiencing with her 600 and the crap Palm support of their website