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The blogging revolution

Picked up this article on the way to my Pilates session with Daphne in Queens Park yesterday The blogging revolution . So the Tinbasher is getting famous!

Whilst at Daphnes I cleaned up her PC a true record breaker. It had:-

81 files found by Ad-Aware

6 files found by Spy Bot (including Klez which prevented loading of AntiVir).

and a truly amazing 661 virus infected files found by AntiVir

That little lot took, with iterations, took about 4 hours.

In between, returning to the original article, I started to set Daphne up with a blog to promote her Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions in London. First problem was deciding a name for the url. After some thought we went for although she got cold feet later when one of her students thought it sounded like a bordello. He relented when she said she was going to do belly dancing classes as well! (Daphne is an accomplished ex-professional bellydancer).

So we await domaindirect to finalize the domain registration and create the 1GB space for the latest blog to hit the universe.