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Ryanair Travel Insurance

After reading the wording I am not sure that this insurance is actually worth the paper it is written on. Here is my letter to them:-

I notice that I can take out insurance that covers ski hire and my own equipment. However, I also notice that “There is no cover under the policy for any activity which requires a degree of skill or involves a greater risk. ” which means that the minute I use the skis I am no longer covered. Is this correct? Does this mean that if I break a leg whilst skiing etc I am also no longer covered?

Also on the Gold policy you have CDW cover. However driving requires a degree of skill so does this mean that if I have an accident whilst driving I am also not covered?

Will be interesting to see their reply. The CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) only appears to covers cars rented through Ryanair. Which seems to contadict this FAQ

Q. I have bought an annual policy, but my next trip does not involve flying with Ryanair, am I still covered?

A. Yes. The coverage under all annual policies includes coverage for flights and holidays, regardless of which carrier or travel company you are travelling with.