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Church of the Customer: Amazon’s phone number invisibility

Wonderful comment here about Amazon only faxing orders to their suppliers but making their own number invisible!Church of the Customer: Amazon’s phone number invisibility: “As the author of a single title, Rums of the Eastern Caribbean, I was one of Amazon’s target suppliers before I could handle book sales on my own site.

I no longer offer my books through Amazon because they refused to email me orders, even if I would confirm them! I had to have a fax number. Since I live on a sailboat in the Caribbean as was shipping books from Puerto Rico where phone service was sketchy at best, email was the best, and sometimes only, option.

Now I see my first edition books on Amazon’s used book sales for about 7 times what I was asking for them.

Posted by: Edward Hamilton at December 21, 2004 06:37 PM

Ed, with the outdoor temp here in Chicago about 6 degrees, you’re breaking my heart by saying you live on a boat in the Caribbean.

Posted by: Ben McConnell at December 21, 2004 07:34 PM”