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Gmail thoughts

I have to admire google and gmail. when I first got my account with them on April 27th 2004 the spam detection was poor (I diverted my address to my gmail – this was getting 150+ spams a day) detection was about 80% or so. However, recently the detection has improved remarkably.

Now gmail have released FREE POP support and email forwarding . This means I can now divert all my mail to gmail and then set my Treo to read the gmail account or have it forwarded to another private email address. Voila NO spam.

Only snag is how are google going to support the new service ( I notice they are using the word FREE, which rather implies to me that they will charge) – since I won’t be reading ads anymore useing adsense. Maybe they will add some spam emails 🙁 or start charging.

Anyway at the moment its all joy!