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A bit naughty this, I got message from Nick Bolton at Firetrust (makers of the excellent Mailwasher product) to upgrade to latest version 4.01 . However after downloading, Mailwasher only works once and heres the rub your old registration key doesnt work! you have to fire of an email and get a new key. Even though his email says “all your existing settings will be retained”.

Oh well I guess if you work against spammers all the time you must acquire some of their habits or “It takes one to catch one”

Thurs 20 May Update

Just received this.

Hi, it’s Nick Bolton from Firetrust.

I’ve got some important news for you regarding our recent release of version 4.1 of MailWasher Pro


Important Notice


If you have just upgraded to version 4.1 and you’re receiving an error message that your old registration key is invalid:

You may have purchased an early version of MailWasher Pro. Since then our key system has changed slightly. To get a valid key, go to the Register window and enter the email address you used to purchase MailWasher Pro into the “I’ve already registered but lost my key” area. Click on the “Please email me my key” button and you will be emailed a new key.

We apologise for any inconvenience.