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Last night tried to set up the RSS function on my blog with the help from this post

Blogger went of air with some outdated message from last year. This morning I wake up to awhole new blogger, the interface is completly rehashed with help files etc and a much better way of showing old posts. However, tried publishing the whole site again to get the RSS feed in place. Comes up with a message after it has published about 10% that it has failed:-

553-“” Directory does not exist on file:

.. damm

read new help file apparently shoulduse just /rss for feed directory. However, still fails after 18% thistime with error:-

550- 2004_03_08_nuyu_archive.htmlNo space left on device Error in upload on file:2004_03_08_nuyu_archive.html

this time at 50% 550- blogger.htmlNo space left on device Error in upload on file:blogger.html

now turn off rss function