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Natty bit of software that allows you to upload photos rather like an instant messenger. You can set wether they are public/private etc Welcome to Flickr! . Here is their own description:-

You can use Flickr to:

* Chat and exchange photos live with your friends

* Meet people who have the same interests as you

* Stay in touch with your friends and family

* Have fun

When you invite people to join Flickr you are instantly connected to them. Invite people to join! When you click through people’s profile pages to learn more about them, or search for them using their email address.

Join a group by browsing through the public groups people have already started. Or if you want to have a special group for just you and your friends, create a private group.

To benefit the most from Flickr, add more details to your profile about your interests, add a buddy icon and add photos to your gallery.

We look forward to seeing you in Flickr!

The Flickr Team