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Just received the new Treo600 from mobileshop to replace my Treo270 which I have had for 14months or should I say replace my fourth Treo270. The other three failing.

First impressions the Treo600 is 12.5% heavier at (180gm) than Treo270 (160gm). It appears smaller but in reality is just narrower and doesnt have the flip lid (two failures on old Treo270). However the viewable part of the screen is now 44 X44mm on the Treo600 instead of 48.75 X48.75mm on Treo270 a 18% reduction. The aerial is chunkier and longer (one failure on Treo270) and has moved.

It synchronized straight away with old Treo270 software bringing in all contacts etc etc . I had to load the new Avantgo software but it then worked fine.

The new SMS thread software is excellent, it found all the old SMS messages and neatly arranged them into threads – no more sending wrong message to wrong woman.

More to follow