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A bad day for my Treo yesterday – its aerial snapped away from the casing! also was the last day of my O2 contract, which included insurance! Aghh.

Rang the so called member services number for O2 on 0870 444 3333 to be left hanging on for 30 minutes (you would thing that a telecomms company would just say please type in your number and we will call you back – some hope they must make a fortune from lousy company service!) to be told – insurance is only dealt with on weekdays.

So today being Monday, I try again, usual wait and then “OK I will transfer you to insurance service”, after 30 minutes gave up – so much for customer service!.

So I emailed handspring at, within 10 minutes Chris rang back, very concerned, yes he would try and repair it under warranty (lets hope so £100 otherwise) and he would courier a carton etc over. What wonderful service, he should have it tomorrow so fingers crossed.