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Last night Colin and I went to Jo’s comedy madhouse at 55 Brewer Street. Soho. To see The Comedy Terrorist do his stuff.

The club is in the basement of the The Glasshouse Store. About 50 people turned up (Its a small basement room) to see him MC Phil Nichol, Lloydy the Illegal Streettrader, Phil Zimmerman, Larry Bernstein and The Hitman.

The Comedy Terrorist came in dressed as a Beefeater (well someone has to guard The queen) he started by reading The Sun’s article on him, quite funny. He said the high point was screwing The Daily Mail readers for loads of money

Q. How do you pay of your mortgage, loans etc etc

A. Climb over the wall at Windsor Castle.

In his next sketch he was dressed in the orange jumpsuit of the prisoners at Guantanamo where he mocked Bush’s Road Map of Palestine / Israel by producing a doctored Monopoly board – very funny! especially tipping in the centre a full ashtray and putting in the houses and comparing it to a township.

At the end he wore his tasteful pink dress. As he says he has a long way to go to capitalise on all the free publicity he has received (It was a spur of the moment thing) although actually as an MC he could be pretty good, I guess. He doesnt seem to have an agent. I have his mobile number if anyone needs to book him.

My favourite was Lloydy the illegal street trader – very funny. Lets hope Colin books him for his staff party.

A splendid evening, must do it more often, about one hour from my house to Soho and £12 train fare. A bargain night out in Soho.

ps The Beefeater image was taken by Colin using a Nokia 7250 mobile, its a 12K pixel image no flash.