Day 5 a whirlWINDY tour of Jersey on my 25,253 day.

Corbiere Lighthouse

Corbiere Lighthouse

What a wet and wild night that was, thank goodness it was only my bike outside. After a much better nights sleep, on a firmer bed I had a gorgeous scrambled egg breakfast and left The Village b&b to a windy but dry morning.

I freewheeled down the hill and biked to St Aubin to meet up with snowboarder Peter, my guide for the morning. When he arrived on a uber lightweight carbon bike, I knew I was in for a struggle especially when he started talking about 8min running miles 🙁 in ParkRuns

We shot off up the old railroad track to the lighthouse at Corbiere Point and met the full force of the huge westerly wind 🙁  It was really stunning scenery and I was glad of a breather :-). At the bottom of the hill Peter suggested a rough track around the hill although it meant carrying my heavyish bike up a flight of  steps..

Once down at sea level again and along the bay we stopped at the Jersey Pearl shop for a much needed cream tea. 🙂

Red squirrel

Red squirrel

Then it was of again up a very steep hill appropriately named Mont du Vallette , after a rest at the top to admire the view and Peter”s old childhood haunts we biked on, a bit inland of the coast, to our next tea break at the Durrell Wildlife Park. Then it was time for Peter to do his domestic duties so he flew off. I continued at a more leisurely pace, even spotting my first red squirrel, around the island. It really is beautiful with well maintained roads and on the whole courteous drivers. With the ferry from Portsmouth it probably makes a decent long weekend trip from the UK.

Once in St Helier I make a quick recce of the seawater lido, looks promising for a dip! Instead of returning back to the b&b I started the circuit again this time dropping down to St. Brelade’s gorgeous sandy bay. However, The Crab Shack had closed for an afternoon nap so I discovered the Wayside Cafe for my crab salad instead.

Once back at the b&b I confidently started to book a ferry to St Malo for tomorrow. However, to continue a theme, no ferries run that way on Saturday 🙁 so it’s another night on Jersey for me! I’ve moved myself to a place in St Helier so I can use the lido etc.



A good day and it was great to have Peter, a local, to show me around. The Strava shows  I did 44.7 miles and 2094 feet of climbing

My pictures of the day should be here on Dropbox:-



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Trip Day 4 – Weymouth to St. Lawrence (Jersey). Life Day 25,252

A very grey & damp Jersey

A very grey; damp Jersey

After yesterdays faux pas of riding to Weymouth to find the ferry had moved to Poole.  I escaped by taking the 7.23 train from Weymouth back to Poole, by the time the train arrived in Poole there were 15 bikes squeezed into our compartment!

Gmaps once again came up trumps to navigate the maze of cycleways from the station to the port in 15 minutes. I had a bit of a long wait for the ferry but chatted to a couple from CTC Nottingham on their flash bikes who are also touring around. The ferry itself was very efficient and we made the 150 mile crossing in just under 5 hours including stopping at Guernsey it clags along very smoothly at 40mph.

I had an awful night’s sleep at Seaspray, soft beds and sea sounds don’t suit me, the landlady was very helpful though, making me toast and coffee before I left. The triathletes were already bombing up and down the bay.

The weather in Jersey was pretty bad, overcast and drizzly. To get to The Village B&B it was uphill all the way to St Lawrence. The place itself is very organised but my poor bike has to stay outside 🙁  in the drizzle.

Tonight I met up with Peter at the neighbouring Saint Laurent  pub which has only two beer taps, lager & ale! I met Peter from my luxury stay in Les Gets earlier in the year. Tomorrow he is taking me on a bit of a tour of the island on his bike.

Today’s exciting Strava shows 2.3 miles and 166 feet of climbing.

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Day 1 of bike ride at 25,249 days old

First tea stop at Ware

First tea stop at Ware

I finally set off from home at 12.34, according to Moves, on my latest bike ride heading towards Weymouth to get the ferry to Jersey and then St Malo. Hopefully getting to Ibiza and Morocco.

Todays ride ended at 18.10 at my daughter’s flat in London after a pretty exhausting 52 miles at 10.9mph. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to do the 600 yard swim first 🙁 plus the SW headwind didn’t help. The front gears on the Dawes Galaxy also aren’t shifting properly, apparently the mechanism isn’t suited to click shifts 🙁

Tomorrow it’s a ride through Central London emerging at Farnham, probably better than riding through Hertfordshire lanes with Chelsea Tractors being driven at high speed by mums collecting their little dears.

My Strava for the day is here



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The next little ride.

Last time as Miss Jones

With Emily’s wedding, even though I say it myself, successfully completed last Saturday I’m now free to do a decent autumn ride  in this brilliant weather.

I’ve never been to Ibiza, which is very surprising given my love of trance music and equally I’ve never done the Channel Islands especially Jersey.

So I’m thinking of biking down to Weymouth catching the ferry to Jersey, circumnavigating the island then getting the ferry to St Malo. followed by biking down the West coast of France to the Pyrenees and over to Spain. Once in Spain I intend to cross over to the Mediterranean coast and  bike down to Denia to get the ferry to Ibiza. Sam reckons the clubs are still open so I could do an all nighter or two followed by a bike around the island.

If I’m still fit and have time I would love to bike onto Tarifa and get the ferry to Morocco and do a bit of biking along the Moroccan coast 🙂 returning on a flight to Stansted.

Nothing booked, of cause, except for staying with Emily on my way down to Weymouth.

The Dawes Galaxy is getting an overall at Kingsway bikes with the obligatory new cassette and chain before any ride.

Simon has welded up my accessory bracket that cunningly attaches to the Rixen Kaul bar bag.

To follow the links below befriend me on

The first part to Weymouth is here just over 200 miles and just over a mile of ascent.

From St Malo to the port of Denia the route is here just under a 1000 miles and well over 5 miles of climbing 🙂

Denia to the port of Tarifa for Morocco is another 500 miles and 4 miles of climbing.

Will be interesting to see how far I get especially as some days I struggle to get over Elizabeth Way bridge 🙁

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