Rest day in Stung Treng & some trip statistics

I’ve now been away for 23 days in SE Asia. Cycling for 15 of them and covering, according to Strava,  1.016 miles with an ascent of 33,843 feet  and 841.5 hours in the saddle. I’ve covered about 1/3 of the total distance to Singapore! So I’ve awarded myself a total rest day here in Stung Treng before taking the ferry across the mighty Mekong  River to Angkor Wat,  Bangkok and down the peninsula to Singapore. Although quite how I’m going to manage in this heat is anyones guess. A bike mehanic in cream trousers!Today’s puzzles are: how can a bike mechanic stay so immaculately dressed in cream trousers and pale shirt whilst fixing my puncture, I was covered in grease just by watching him at work :-(  Another puzzle is how the guys running The Riverside restaurant & guesthouse (where I moved to this morning) manage it  seemingly with no effort, whereas others guest house owners make it all seem so much work! So with the puncture fixed, pedals sorted, handlebar tape fixed & more tape on the saddle plus a visit hairdressers today  for a cut & shave for £1. I’m ready to start again. But must buy more water :-)

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The next adventure

Tonight I’m at Heathrow awaiting my night flight to Guangzhou and then onto Hanoi a total travelling time of about 24 hours.

Tuesday should find me exploring Hanoi in search of a local SIM card and a bike.

bike route

I’m about to try and bike from Hanoi to Singapore in the 9 weeks I’ve given myself. The direct way is 2000miles  but to take in Ho Chi Minh and Angor Wat it’s over 3000 miles. However, with the ongoing unrest in Thailand I might find myself doing a flyover from Cambodia to Malaysia.
Here is an outline of the routes made with Bikemap

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Which do I believe?

Today we went for a lovely walk from Dunwich to Southwold along the beach returning through the marshes, with many detours due to damage caused by the recent storms.

The Etrex GPS measured 15.3miles, my Fitbit says 31,958 steps which it says is 14.66 miles. The Moves app says 31,056 steps or 17.6miles. So all pretty consistent.

However for calories burnt it’s a different story! Moves says only 1557 calls burnt whereas Fitbit says 3202 cals TWICE THE AMOUNT

Now I’m about to go for a lovely dinner at The Ship so which do I believe?

23 Dec 2013
Problem solved by this tweet from Moves

So with my idle calories showing as 1,583 on Moves, Active burn cals  on Moves at 1,557 active. Gives a total  of  3,100cals which is virtually identical to Fitbit at 3,202cals :-)

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and so to return

1-IMG_6934With Sulina been the end of the road waterway, it’s time to start my return to another adventure. I’ve been reading lots of good things on various blogs about Romania’s capital, Bucharest so I’m making that my next port of call.

The ferry leaves Sulina at 7am so it was an early start to meet another mega group of fishermen, now with fewer bags but with their precious caught fish already frozen, complaining about how few fish there are now in the delta,

The  boat  with us packed like the proverbial sardines arrived in Tulcea. The port conveniently has an integrated bus station. Yesterday I had chatted to the bus driver going to Torino (Turin in Italy) via Bucharest  and he said there was no problem putting bikes on big buses. Which was very good news as there are plenty of problems with bikes on trains. So I went to the Augustina window, emphasizing my need for a BIG bus, normally they use minivans. No problem – they had one today (Friday) at midday taking 5 hours or so for £14

1-IMG_6958The bike easily fitted on although I was worried about folks putting heavy cases on top of the rear wheel, in fact they were just bags of flowers so it all went very easily.

Whilst on the bus i twittered about visiting Bucharest and got an immediate reply from @bucharestlife recommending The Rembrandt Hotel, a few clicks on the app and I was booked in. Modern technolgy at its most awesome.  The ride from the bus station to the hotel was only a few minutes. The hotel is excellent, cosy & right in the centre of the old town, so I lengthened my stay till wednesday morning.

The photos of the day are here



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