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Orwell to Wimpole circular walk

The A team were back in action today!  Rita ably led the Cambridge Rambling Club on its first walk of 2010. A 14mile circular walk starting from Orwell then across the fields to Whaddon, Dyers Green and lunch at Wimpole Hall. In the afternoon we scaled the heights Everytrail profile across to Eversden and on down the old Clunch Pit back into Orwell.

Unfortunately the GPS ran out of battery just before lunch so the overall length should be longer than the 13.4miles indicated! (Sally‘s GPS said 14.3 miles)

A gorgeous cold and crisp sunny day.

Here are the pictures and trail:-

Orwell to Wimpole circular walk

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Walking winter wonderland

Our friend Ellee has just done a great blog post on The Wonders of Walking.

Tis a pity she wasn’t with us today as Sally and I had a beautiful walk with the Cambridge Rambling Club. The leaders for today should have been Margaret & Larry. However, due to the icy road conditions and because they live in the remote regions of Cambridgeshire where gritter lorries never appear (although it has to be said Cambridge city centre pavements have yet to be gritted!) they couldn’t make the walk.

So Ron & Margaret stepped into the breech and gave 9 of us as a totally stunning walk around Cambridge starting from Cherry Hinton Hall taking in the chalk pits and the old lime kiln and thence through the Addenbrookes industrial complex onto Nine Wells and the start of Hobson’s conduit then along the Cam into the city and a welcome break of hot mince pies and coffee at Henry’s. Then onward across Jesus Green, Midsummer common, Coldhams common and back to Cherry Hinton Hall.

The weather was very cold (well -4ish) with crystal clear skies and beautiful mellow winter sun bringing out the best in the college brick & stonework.

A beautiful satisfying walk in the winter sun and a fitting tribute for a great 2009 walking year. So Ellee’s post is very apt!

Here is the walk and pictures (please excuse the thumbprints on some of the images ) on Everytrail:-

Cambridge in the snow

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Rambling around Barley

Today’s weather was as beautiful as it was foul on our last ramble with the Cambridge Rambling Club. Carolin ably led us on a beautiful 14mile walk around the undulating countryside of Barley. Still some fruit on the trees although well past its sell by date, but showing just how rich we are that we can afford to leave whole apple trees unpicked!  plus we saw the delightful spindle tree fruits, the name came from when the tree was used for making the spindles used when spinning wool.

A wonderful day in very pleasant company and fine weather. Many thanks to Sally of Swedish massage fame for the fine vegetable chilli which we had with Anthony & Kay last night and for our lunch today!

Here is the walk on Everytrail:-

Barley walk with Cambridge Rambling Club

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The new boots worked well in the long wet grass at the start of the day.

Now to decide about selling and buying houses in Cambridge……

Travel blogging in Cambridge

Today’s travel blog is a ramble with the Cambridge Rambling Club. We did  a 14mile figure of 8 centered in Newport, Essex.

It was an warm autumn day, exactly 3 years since I met Sally on the fateful Nar Valley walk. The colours on the trees were truly splendid, especially when the sun came out and even the overcast skies gave a feeling of the dark winter nights which are about to descend on us. Much talk about log fires and stoves.

I was very surprised to hear Vera’s amazing news that her husband, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, had just won the Nobel prize for Chemistry, here in Cambridge, and that they are about to visit the King and Queen of Sweden in Stockholm to collect the award and also will meet Barack Obama. An interesting aside for all those that want to curb immigration etc is that he was born in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India emigrated to the USA and now lives in England, in fact he has only been at Trinity College, Cambridge for about 18months, who no doubt will collect all the kudos. 🙂

An excellent day out maybe we can get Murray Newlands to start walking and compliment his blogging skills!

Here is today’s outing on Everytrail:-

Newport, Essex, UK circular walk

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