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Swimming Season over

Geoff Jones at Jesus Green Pool
@GeoffJones @JesusGreenPool

Yesterday was the final day of the Jesus Green pool swimming season 🙁 with my use of  the iPhone Daily Data Tracker application I know that I swam 69 times since the opening day on the 14th May.

In the 69 visits I swam a grand total of 35.78 miles ( 630 lengths), I didn’t time myself but my daily 10 lengths usually worked out at about 32mins. I only managed to swim the mile (18lengths) twice this year, mainly due to my fingers turning very white 🙁 and for the first time this year my left little toe.

Real shame it has to close so early in the year given that the water temperature was still at 18degrees, perhaps we regulars could run it as a private club 🙂

So where do I go for my swim now? Maybe join Nikki & Liz in the river at NRC before 7am every day? Perhaps not as there are no hot showers to revive my circulation. The river in Chesterton is way to busy with racing eights at that time……

Swimming on The Camino

Today was a short 13km hop for us from Guillena. Even that was tiring after an awful nights sleep at Hostal Bar Frances due to some wretched pump switching on and off all night plus a lack of air due it being an internal room.

Here in Castilblanco de los Arroyos our luck was in as we happened upon the brand new Hospederia de la Plata (955 73 53 49 ) gorgeous room with terrace and wet room shower plus an outdoor pool 🙂 ours for 20 euro each!

So we are now 42km into the 1000km walk.

Thank you Bar Casa Leon for the wifi

Making a splash..

Today at Noon was the official start to my swimming season here in Cambridge with the Jesus Green pool opening. The water was at a balmy 51°F a couple of degrees warmer than last year.

Geoff making a splash

I managed 2 lengths (Sally did 4). Jordan, the reporter was there from the Cambridge News and he reckons our pictures should hit the presses this Friday.

The cost for the season is £52.50 with my residents leisure card! Full set of pictures are on Flickr