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Kings Parade lighting – again

As a follow on from my December post on Kings Parade lighting. I’m pleased to record a bit of progress.

Whilst doing one of my experimental Cambridge Walks (this mornings was to try and walk from the railway station to the river and back without seeing any modern shops and using all the old passageways and parks) we happened to see one of the first modern street lights on Kings Parade.
modern light in dayTop of lampModern light at night
Seems a big improvement on this:

Old light
All though, it has to be said the lighting, for such an historic street, is still a chaotic mess. Why does Great St. Marys church require 4 huge high intensity lamp standards? Maybe we should go and remove ALL street lighting and silly posts marking the end of parking bays (surely they can be screwed to walls or the kerb?) installed after 1970 thus saving the council large amounts of money and cleaning up the street!