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Personal website values

Another site for checking the predicted monetary value of your website over at WebValuer. Here are the results for GeoffJones:-

Cool to see I’ve had the site for over 10 years now and interesting to see there seems to be a slight upward trend in visitors. At $7.74 a day I’m not going to get rich by on-site advertisements.

However, the site is very effective for renting out my ski apartment in the centre of Les Gets in the  Portes de Soleil ski region in France & Switzerland. All of my bookings in the past 5 years have come from the page I created here.

Thanks to Makeuseof for the first link.

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Promising start to the season..

Its beginning to look good for winter sports in Les Gets, France where my apartment is. Here is the webcam view taken this evening from the tourist office looking towards the apartment.
Snow in Les Gets and guess where we will be next weekend :-) on TwitPic

Currently I have bookings on the following dates:-
26 Dec 2008 to 4 Jan 2009 (KB party of 4)

4 Jan to 31st Jan (GJ various parties)

31st Jan to 7th Feb 2009 (AH party of 6)

16th Feb to 23rd Feb 2009 (CP party of 6)

1st Mar to 8th Mar 2009 (SR party of 4)

11 Mar to 15th Mar 2009 (IH party of 4)

18 Mar to 22 Mar 2009 (PC party of 5)

10th April to 15th April 2009 (KB party of 4)

To see the complete google calendar click here.

If you want to fill the gaps, send me an email at