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The Leopard and Lexmark

I upgraded my 24″ iMac to Leopard (OSX10.5) all went smoothly. Except for my brand new Lexmark X4580 printer/scanner/reader. The printer refuses to print and even worse crashes the programme that is sending the print. Looking up in Google I found the Apple users forums where another user was having similar problems. Emails to Lexmark were met with such comments as:- From Rathna “Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the problems you are experiencing with your Lexmark product. To the best of my knowledge, there are currently no plans to develop Mac drivers to support this model” & from Ben “Unfortunately we do not have any Leopard drivers available for your printer at this moment in time. We are currently developing them, but I do not have a timescale as to when they will be ready”

Question is whether Ellee’s friends at PC World will honour their PC Performance guarantee and replace the printer with an Epson CX8400 or Canon MX700 which apparently work with Leopard.

Update 2 Nov – I’ve just learnt from the Apple Forums that trashing the printers PDE folder gets the printer working and it did 🙂