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Awesome day in les Gets

Today was my final day on a snowboard this season. What an awesome day – fresh powder, clear slopes and mainly sunshine although some very thick cloud especially on top of Ranfoilly. Excelled myself by covering best part of 30miles and 15,000 feet of descent hitting a maximum speed of 35mph with only one somersault 🙁

Here is my speed profile:-

Geoffs speed trace for 3 April

Here are the wikiloc details:-

Many thnks to Thierry for the excellent service maintaing my old GNU board

New beginnings

After 2 years of procrastination I have finally transferred this site over to WordPress . My first WordPress site was for the Our Social World conference in September 2005, which I think is just about when WP was released to the public.

Geoff trying to smileSince then I have set up quite a few WP blogs for friends. Ellee’s being the first and more recently Sally’s

I have been very impressed at the rate of development in the WP community and the huge range of plugins available. WP also seems very stable and forgiving of novices like myself.

If you are interested in WP then a good blog to read is Lorelle on WordPress where she offers tips and advice.

Please let me know of any broken links (all links take you to the home page – no 404’s here!) or unexpected behaviour.

Looking forward to see how the change affects my google ranking for Geoff and Geoff Jones.