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Wisdom of crowds – not

Oh dear another great idea poorly executed.

AVC posts

Visiting Freds blog I noticed he had a cunning map in his sidebar showing his posts. Clicking on it takes you to Of cause I signed up added the widget then tried adding my locations. Total failure its only UScentric 🙁 (even though it has an Indian domain!).

I emailed them but they don’t understand the fundamental problem of folks who travel and want to geotag their posts.

“Chrysanthe Tenentes

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Follow up message

We currently only cover the US, though we do plan to expand internationally (the UK is top on the list!) soon. Keep up to date with our blog:

Why oh why cannot I edit my own map anywhere in the world?

Its like that other application with promise Brightkite which suffers the same problem, total inabilty to edit the underlying data. How frustrating

Add a place - USA only!