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Geoff potential guests being led astray.

I get an enormous number of 404 errors on this site (269 in last 10 hours), they stem mainly from when I migrated the old blogger posts to wordpress. On blogger the post url’s ended with .html when I transferred them to WordPress the .html was stripped off 🙁

So now if you click on an old google search term it comes up with File not Found (404) error. Not good for ones rankings.

I am using John Godleys redirection plugin but to make full use of it I need to learn how to create regular expressions, so far with no luck! (anyone out there willing to help, please). I have created a help topic on the regex advice forum and also asked John Godley for advice too.

Today Google came to the rescue with a neat 404 webpage that is customised to your site if you use Google Webmaster Tools. So now you get this useful little page:-

But I really need to get the hang of \b(*?)\.\w+/(?!\w) and its ilk plus how to add them to a .htaccess file….