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Ickworth figure of eight walk

Today’s Cambridge Rambling Clubs “A” team walk should have been led by Larry unfortunately he was indisposed so Jill took over at the last minute, hence the couple of blips on the GPS trail!

Ickworth House

The walk was designed as a figure of eight with Ickworth Hall in the centre, acting as a rendezvous point for the start and lunch. In the morning we were blessed with sunshine and a cold wind the afternoon turned into a battle across a ploughed field in a squall!

Here is the walk and trail with (even though I say so myself) a fine shot of Ickworth Hall!

Ickworth figure of 8 walk

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Cambridge Rambling Club – Waterbeach to Lode

Today’s Cambridge Rambling Clubs ‘A’ team walk was led by Rita. Nine of us set off from Waterbeach village green heading for Anglesey abbey via Lode. At last its warming up and the ground is drying out with a few buds beginning to form on the hedgerows.

Vast hordes of people had descended on Anglesey Abbey ostensibly to visit the snowdrops but seemingly to gorge themselves in the vast canteen whose smells reminded me of school lunches and form queues at the toilets. Its truly amazing how the National Trust has turned itself into a mini shopping mall, easy to imagine a Tesco Express arriving on the site sometime soon. Apparently in 2008 it had 191,549 visitors!

Here’s todays walk, flat as a pancake but a good day out.

Cambridge Rambling Club – Waterbeach to Lode walk

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Speed and altitude profile
Speed and altitude profile


Gun to Guns on Gun Green

Boer War Gun at Gun Green

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A lovely bit of local history detail that Alan Brigham dug up from Mike Petty after Alan visited my flickr set of Old Cambridge postcards. (The Boer war ended in 1902)

Its such a great pity that all the newspapers archives are not online and fully indexed as Google offered to do for free.

Many thanks also to  Charles Challess of Tenison Avenue for his  letter to the editor, now published for all the world to see.

I’m sure Alan will be incorporating Tenison Road into one of his local walks on local history in the near future.

Cambridge -UK – Open Coffee

Jed at OpenCoffee

Just back from the inaugural OpenCoffee meet up in Cambridge, UK. Organised by Jed. The event was in Cafe Nero on Kings Parade in Cambridge. A total of about 20 folks (Only two from the fairer sex, Juliette and ? Laura where did you get too!)  turned up. I was, of cause, easily the oldest there!

It was a good turn out of VC’s, Angels and entrepreneurs with a lot of new faces to prove that the Cambridge scene is still as vibrant as ever. I met Chris from audioanalytic, Adriano? of Hotprints, Peter from Broadersheet plus Laurence & Alex.

Pretty ideal for a first event and actually worked very well in the regular coffee shop environment (apart from getting told to sit down once by the baristas). I quite like the slightly anarchic nature of the event compared to the regular structured evenings that are the norm around here, and it works better than in a pub type environment in my opinion. I can see why the coffee places were so popular in the 1700s

Will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Apparently there is another newish event, CamCreative next week at The Arts so will go and compare and contrast.

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