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Next stop Cuba

cuba - geoff jones proposed route
First attempt at designing a route

It’s time for another bike tour :-). With Cuba and the USA making up I thought it would be good to visit Cuba before major changes start taking place.

I’m intending to cycle end to end, about 1,000 miles. Flying into Havana then hopefully, flying/busing/training down to Santiago de Cuba . This should allow the trade winds to blow me  back up to Pinar del Rio.

3 Charges in Cuba
3 Charges in Cuba

From all my reading it seems as if mobile 3G and WiFi could be a problem so not sure how I’m going to keep in touch or for that matter navigate. 🙂

I’ve bought a DeLorme Inreach satellite communicator which acts rather like an old fashioned pager but using the Iridium satellite network so it should give total global coverage. It bluetooths to the iPhone app etc. In theory I should be trackable at 10minute intervals plus I can twitter/facebook the text messages.

The map of my travels with messages  should be here

First Update: I am sorry to advise VS63 05NOV is delayed until 13.00. Check in closes 2rs before.


Made it to Nottingham walking from London

Wow, it’s been 140 days since my last update and those shiny new shoes in my last post are now worn out and replaced with the identical model but different colour!  The other items have all survived.

Getting around The Trent

I did make it to Nottingham on the canals, all on lovely paths apart from the section when you hit The Trent and you are forced to make a tortuous detour to Sawley the nearest road bridge.  Even though there is a lock with a bridge much closer but alas not accessible as you can see from my map. The scouts should set up a ferry service from their campsite.

Lock camping
Lock camping

From Blisworth I walked the 19 miles to Crick on the 17th June the following day I did the 26 miles to Fleckney  and a camping night on the smooth grass by a lock, followed by a 14 mile walk into Leicester and a train home for the weekend.

On the 23rd I returned to Leicester and did the 12 miles to MountSorrel followed by a storming 31 miler to Nottingham and a good night’s sleep at Stephen’s house marking the end of this little hike.

Overall a good walk remarkably virtually traffic free. Especially good for me when recovering from my HoLEP operation and having to pee every few miles. At least all that is behind me now and I can start getting more adventurous again.