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Koh Tao to Donsak on Geoff’s SE Asia adventure

1-IMG_1186I left Koh Tao on the 9.45 Catamaran to Koh Samui with a brief stop , to disgorge hundreds of folk, at Koh Phangan. Last night was the full moon festival so i was treated to loud bangs from some humungous bangers in the street below. Fascinating how the kids like this island, a bit like bees around a honey pot & yet I  can travel hundreds of miles without seeing any Westerners. I’m fascinated by what makes a place popular and others not..

It started raining at the first stop which was unfortunate as I was sat with my bike on the back deck reading my latest John Grisham download The Racketeer (excellent btw). Interestingly I find it as easy to read on the iPhone5 s as on my Kindle paper white and a hell of a lot easier to hold! With my 10Ah battery I can have the screen & GPS on all day long 🙂 although the Lightening connector is once again on its last legs, this time through corrosion on the ‘gold’ contacts.

On arrival at Koh Samui I didn’t take to the place, it has no real island feel, just seems like the mainland , there was no hope of finding Howard from the Grasshoppers tour so, after the major cloudburst finished, I just cycled around the coast to Nathon where I could get the ferry back to the mainland at Donsak, a hell of a lot cheaper than the Lomprayah  Cats as well! just 200 Baht for me & the bike!

1-IMG_8434I stopped at the first motel place of the ferry, Donsak Resort and a snip at 500 Baht per night. The elderly lady cooked me some egg fried rice in her roadside diner with its smart outdoor bamboo shelters with table & seats.

Tomorrow it’s back on the road crossing over to the middle where at Wiang Sa I have to decide whether to go to the West coast at Krabi or the East coast at Ko Kham

Here is my little ride on Koh Samui

Ko_Samui__Surat_Thani__Thailand___Strava_Ride and the photos are here

Chumpon Beach to KohTao Island

1-IMG_1161The lovely folks at Grasshopper tours let me hitch a 40minute ride with my bike to the ferry terminal at Chumpon. We made it for the 7am Catamaran service to the East coast islands, their group went to the big island Koh Samui. I opted for the first small island Koh Tao thinking I could then catch the afternoon ferry to Koh Samui

The bike went on the very full Cat OK although taking it almost doubles the price from 600 to 1100 baht! 100minutes later we made a brief stop at Ko Hang Tao to drop of a whole group of folks and there fresh fruit & veg supplies. A quick 12 minute spin across the bay and we were at Koh Tao (Turtle Island). Once I disembarked I bumped into a Brazilian guy who is biking from Hong Kong to Singapore, he recommended avoiding Phuket & going via Krabi down the West coast to Singapore. So many choices, .

Once on the island I decided to bike across to Ao Leuk to get some brunch, Wow what a steep hill! On the way back I struggled to push the bike up the hill! However, I had lovely Thai vegetable green soup & rice. Arriving back in the town I went to book my ticket to be told the afternoon ferry was full 🙁 So I’m leaving on the 9.00am today

I ended up, after a fruitless hour searching for the Jom Thong Guesthouse, including falling off the bike in the fine sand 🙁 In the end I decided on the Cafe del Sol Guesthouse in the village centre run by one the many French people on the island. Nice room but the usual dodgy internet connection.

I treated myself to another pedicure, manicure & foot massage, with the lady using a stick for the first time over here. Not the best but OK for £12

The pictures of the day are here

and the Strava for the short hop over the island is on Strava here: