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Sunday’s walk around Pakenham

With the Cambridge Rambling Club  A team skirting the coastline of the Isle of Wight. Sally and I decided to do a jaunt with the Newmarket Ramblers. Debbie led 15 of us on a good walk around the Suffolk countryside, it was advertised as 11 but ended up at 12.3. A good pace was kept up and my heel was really pleased it was only a 5 hour stroll.

Here is the walk on Everytrail plus some pics of Pakenham Water Mill where T treated Debbie, Sally and I to a gorgeous tea and cakes in the mill.

Pakenham Circular Walk at EveryTrail

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iPad first post

iPad welcome screen

Experimenting with the WordPress app on my new iPad.

Beginning to love the iPad especially the HUGE Fonts available, in fact it’s rather weird going back to the iPhone! the iPad is ideal for us oldies with failing eyesight.

A problem for new entrants is that you need a computer & iTunes account to get it set up in the first place! This could be very very disappointing for folks thinking of getting one as their first and only computer.

Will I take it on my walks? Weighing in at 858gm with it’s £30 black case (yes pandammonium, Sally made me get one) compared to my Eee at 968gm is excellent! And now with the camera adapter (£25 in UK) it can backup my photos daily. However, it still has a major failing that I can’t back up my Garmin gpx files or geotag my pics. Maybe Ascent and Photolinker will do iPad apps 🙂

So yes it will be coming to the great Italian wedding with me but still undecided about China.

Oh, still can’t work out how to add links with the wordpress app 🙁

p.s. Links added on iMac

Scribefire now available for Chrome

Just trying out the new scribefire extension for chrome, looking good so far. Lets insert an image:-

Oh dear it needs a url, so already has to be on the web. No browse option
Dragging images in only gives this Photo Booth-1.jpg
Lets add a link to Mr Frisk winning the Grand National when Em was born/
That seems OK
Is this the last nail in Firefox’s coffin 🙁

Standon circular walk

Today’s walk with the Cambridge Rambling Club A team was a circular walk starting from Standon and then heading over to Much Hadham. Christine ably led the walk and 10 of us set off on the hottest day of the year so far! Mud rain & snow were but distant memories 🙂 Here is the walk:-

Standon circular walk at EveryTrail

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During Sally’s mega shopping trip I treated myself to some Inov8 trail shoes which I tried out today. I felt a bit of a fraud as I didn’t seem a ‘proper’ walker. They are just so much lighter than wearing boots. My heels still started to hurt at the 12 mile mark after the damage caused by my Thames Path walk,. Hopefully, the bruising on my heels will go away with time. Otherwise they seemed fine, although still uncertain about walking through long wet grass with them.