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Walking childhood memories around Creswell Crags

This weeks walk was a visit to my childhood adventure playground of The Welbeck and Clumber estates. After school in the 50’s when I was probably 8+, Stan and I would take off on our rickety bikes and charge around these grand country estates to be chased by gamekeepers and angry young lovers who we disturbed 🙂 We also explored the many tunnels on the Welbeck estate, later on I hung out with the guys who sailed Enterprises on the Welbeck lake plus we got to meet the grand old Duke himself once, a charming guy in his beat up Morris Minor!

This Sunday it was a far more sedate walk with Sally and Renata, I was pleased to see that Welbeck is as well fenced of as ever, although my guess is no kids now stray that far after school from Creswell! Creswell Crags is totally transformed, the sewage works installed in 1952 has disappeared to be replaced by an uber modern Cafe/museum/visitors centre that proudly proclaims folks have been visiting Creswell for 50,000 years 🙂  The only miners in Creswell now are young kids (minors) with all the safety kit on to explore the caves we once hung out in.

A very enjoyable day out traipsing on the newly laid red ash paths, ironically made from the ash created by the old pit tips burning with all the smoke/smell pollution we endured as kids. Renata did really well doing the 19 or so miles on her first ever long walk with no blisters or aches & pains. Sally had an enjoyable day out to, her first 15+ miles day of the year!

Here’s the walk with pictures of the many fine gate house lodges etc,

Clumber Park – Creswell Crags circular walk

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Braughing Circular walk

Another excellent walk with the Cambridge Rambling Club, Carolin led 13 of us on a circular 15mile jaunt through the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, past splendid 16th century houses  and brand new mansions! A little bit hilly for Cambridge folk but on such a gorgeous warm spring day delightful.

Here are the photo’s and route on Everytrail:-

Braughing circular walk

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Other photos may be found over at Sally’s place or even John’s site

Blogging & Independence

Dave Winer nails blogging

“One of the reasons I’m proud of it is that blogging was created without the lock-in you see in systems like Twitter, Facebook and though they’ll argue for sure, Buzz. Even Posterous, Tumblr and don’t give you easy ways off their servers. Blogging started without the concept of a single server, so there was no place to get off of. The whole point was to be as distributed as the web itself, to give people independence, to let billions of websites bloom. This is such an obvious feature of blogs that people don’t usually see it. But it’s there, and it’s hugely important.”

He is so right – Having your own blog is far better than been locked into the likes of Facebook.

A walk along The Cam

Today the Cambridge Rambling Club’s A team were having an away weekend, Neither Sally or I fancied a 10mile walk with the B team – mainly because of the agonising long lunchbreaks 🙂

So we made a quick ramble to Ely on the Fen Rivers Way  our walk of the day! It was 16 miles which we comfortably did in 5 hours at a moving pace of 3.5mph. Twas a gorgeous day with spring not to far away now – we didn’t even get our boots muddy!

Due to it been Mothering Sunday, Sally was treated to tea & scones at The Peacock in Ely, we avoided the queues by having ours outside 🙂 The scones were almost as good as The Orchard at Grantchester (slightly less fruity I thought)

The route is much improved now with only a couple of stiles  the rest been replaced with the metal kissing gates. I can really recommend it for anyone who is wanting a nice easy day out.

Oh and we now have an additional 1.7miles tagged onto the end of the walk – from Cambridge Rail station to my new abode.

Here is the Everytrail:-

Fen River Way – Cambridge to Ely

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