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Celebrity Blogger Murray Newlands in Cambridge

Celebrity blogger, Murray Newlands was in Cambridge tonight, I missed him at The Twig (an offshoot of my friend, Lloyd Davis Tuttle group) meetup which was in The Vine not The Snug as advertised 🙁  I finally managed to get a drink with him in my local The Globe 🙂

We discussed a wide range of topics particularly my VanSpot idea and also re-categorising some of my posts into a category “Travel-Blogging“. Murray is well into social media having over 30,000 followers on Twitter plus doing many interviews with blogging personalities.

A good evening plus I got to chat, on Skype, with Emily who was excited about her lecture today were she learned about the Pavlov experiments that, apparently, resulted in pigeons trying to have sex with lightbulbs 🙂