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Geoff on Picasa

Geoff Jones collage of Picasa faceshots

I’m surprised that more fuss is not been made over the privacy implications of the new Picasa3 face recognition software. It’s certainly superior to the Apple iPhoto offering. The most worrying aspect is that it allows you, well almost insists, that you link the photos to the persons email address. I wonder if Google are then taking the photo data and storing on there own servers?.

The image above is a collage of the 585 face images of me it has found on my main computer. Interestingly some are from group shots were it has picked me out of a large group!

Dunwich Day out

photoToday was the annual end of season trip of the Jesus Green Pool regulars to Dunwich for a dip in the sea followed by fish & chips and a walk along the shingle beach towards Sizewell.

The event was well attended by 16 regulars who all had a dip in the North Sea, some for the best part of half an hour, I only managed a few minutes before my fingers started turning white, remarkably one of the ladies who swam for 30mins still had pink fingers!.

The sun peeped out occasionally so a much better day than last year.

My photos of the event can be found by clicking here or viewing the slide show below:-

2009-10-11 1

Sally’s blogpost and pictures can be found by clicking here