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Day6 Bourg et Comin to Vitry Le Francois

Today’s 82 miles was spent cycling through Champagne. i made an early start at 7am to get the hills out of the way before the heat of the day. As it was I had a great day with a lovely tail breeze. I passed the final cemetery at Marfaux, a curious one in that the German graves are adjacent to the British ones on top of a hill.

The graves were soon replaced by the Champagne vines, which set my mind wondering if we had a deal going that meant their was no fighting in the vineyards,l

Outside Epernay I met up with the girls who came over on the same ferry as me and are cycling to Florence, they suggested I should bike long the valley to Chalons, certainty much easier! I got into a rhythym and continued to Vitry Le Francois the last 10 miles on a  canal towpath. The town is full of flats and young kids.

I’ve now pedaled 467 miles in 6 days. Here is todays gps trail:-

Day6 Bourg et Comin to Vitry le Francois

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