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Geoff estudiante

After yesterdays fun trip along the coast to Corillo “yo monto la bicicleta” with Kerry who is also lodging with Nuria

Today was the start of Geoff as the “estudiante” after a very brief test at 7am I was, surprisingly, assigned to the beginners class 🙂

Wow! Nelson our teacher doesn’t speak ANY English in class so it’s real immersion. In my class of 6 there is Margaret an English GP (whose husbands blood pressure has dropped whilst she and her dog have been away! The dog returns later this week..)
Two Swiss German girls Sandra & Caroline – Caroline was my class amiga and pushed me along. Maiete from Holland and Rebecca.

It was straight into “la presentación personal” ” Yo me llamo Geoff, Mi apellido es Jones, Yo Vivo en Cambridge, Yo soy de inglaterra,etc etc
Then we had to do an introduction of our class amiga. Followed by going through the alphabet & fonètica bàsica.

No wonder my head hurt. But not so much because I signed up for two weeks at the Sàmara Language school and maybe if I still enjoy it for another couple of weeks.

This evening it was intensive salsa lessons, really great as it was given by a guy so I could easily follow his steps.

The atomsphere is great and everyone is so friendly if only I could say hija (sorry Emily that wretched j does me in).

Now for those 3 pages of homework to do 🙁 before tomorrows class.