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That special relationship with the USA

So much for the UK’s special relationship with the USA. The word United Kingdom or UK have never been mentioned in a Presidents Union Address. Here are the results for England and Britain!

Seems as though we didn’t get much of a mention after 1950! Many thanks to speechwars for the analysis.

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Gun to Guns on Gun Green

Boer War Gun at Gun Green

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A lovely bit of local history detail that Alan Brigham dug up from Mike Petty after Alan visited my flickr set of Old Cambridge postcards. (The Boer war ended in 1902)

Its such a great pity that all the newspapers archives are not online and fully indexed as Google offered to do for free.

Many thanks also to  Charles Challess of Tenison Avenue for his  letter to the editor, now published for all the world to see.

I’m sure Alan will be incorporating Tenison Road into one of his local walks on local history in the near future.

Gmail and Twitter?

Twitter is just so useful. I noticed that my gmail wasn’t working online at all. In these cases its usual for me to start kicking the computer/firefox/router 🙁
But now with Twitscoop in my sidebar all is revealed:-

and looking at the time line of twitters mentioning ‘gmail’ is quite cool:-

This Twitter just made me laugh:-

Phew panic over 🙂


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