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Geoff’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-07

  • on way to coast to do some barefooting on the beach 🙂 #
  • @loiclemeur for a m #
  • @loiclemeur for a minute I thought you meant kite boarding to Menorca 🙂 #
  • Beats atop ben Nevis last Sunday 🙂 – photo at #
  • the iPhone google map feature thinks we as in the centre of Skegness 🙂 when we are in Old Hunstanton #
  • think smoking ban in pubs should be reversed in summer – only smoking indoors not in the gardens #
  • on train back to Cambridge after great walk along the beach.. #
  • Guess the price of a beach hut competition! – photo at #
  • just back from first decent river swim plus canoe paddle now in c’s garden restii #
  • my webpage? #
  • @annie2000 it was a mistake, I typed into wrong box on my screen 🙁 #

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Some random links

A quick recap of some of the tabs open in my Firefox right now:-

Hit the snooze button on your “verbose” Twitter friends and we all have a few of them :-).

Create an RSS feed from any page on the net (enables you to detect changes without going to the site).

Employ people by the hour or by the job, a UK based service ideal if you want to work from home.

Fantastic talk by Clay Shirky to give your friends who say.
Where You Find the Time to Spend Online

A clip on Brain gym from the Bad science website.

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