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Geoff’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • Phew! iPhone managed to sync after I rebooted iMac – obviously a gremlin in the iMac stopped it syncing earlier. #
  • @loiclemeur thanks for getting socialthing invite with code seesmic #
  • First update from SocialThing – now off on 20 miler around Cambridge… #
  • @euan Oh yea of little faith 🙂 #
  • great walking day around Cambrlidge pub stop soon….e #
  • 12 miles into walk now at Queens Head Newton next stop The Orchard for a cream tea 🙂 #
  • Queens head pub on first hot day of 2008 – photo at #
  • 17miles done now for tea & scones in The Orchard Grantchester one of my favourite places… #
  • 6mins from stopping we have a brew on my incredible MSR lightweight stove #
  • @euan its a Garmin etrex legend which I link to memory map running on XP in Parallels #
  • @euan Many thanks for the compliment. I’m impressed with the SP560UZ the sparrowhawk was shot on full optical zoom in my hand! #
  • @euan postmapping is easy, just upload a gpx file to Problem is getting gpx data out of Garmin – MacSimpleGPS didn’t do it 4me #

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South Cambridge village walk

Todays walk in splendid conditions, the first hot weather of the year 🙂 was a good stretch. Totalling about 21 miles with one pint of shandy (Queens Head, Newton) and tea and cakes at The Orchard in Grantchester. Followed by a very quick dip in the river at NRC, I did our first mash using my ultra lightweight stove and kettle both by MSR whilst having our drink I also managed to get a good picture of a female sparrowhawk

I’ve put the walk up at Wikiloc and all todays photographs are on Flickr.

Geoff’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • now in sallys favourite tea shop. She is turning into a shopalholic 🙂 #
  • Sallys latest purchase… – photo at #
  • @SunkIsland I only had it the other day in an Algerian restaurant in. Cambridge…. #
  • Unprotected my updates so I can get a rating at twitterholic, Vain as I am #
  • @stephtara Sorry you weren’t getting my updates 🙂 An unwanted side effect of trying to control my twitter.. #
  • Dr Crippen both "deep cleaned" their bedrooms 18 months ago and are now resting on their laurels. -No one is fooled #
  • Another Sally purchase – is she out of control 🙂 – photo at #
  • Amazing bookbinding at incredible works of art – imagine having one for your wedding photos! #
  • now in front row at arts cinema to see love in the time chlorera with Caroline ray and sally #
  • Just loved Love in time of cholera. Haunting music….. #
  • Reading: "ermHomepage" ( #

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