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ARU talk

Today was the second of my blogging and social software master classes at Anglia Ruskin University for the students on the Executive part-time MBA at Cambridge

. ARU Class

Robert, Claire, Ibrahim, Geoff, Stephen, Marcus, Philip, Alison

We went through similar stuff to last time, this time with three more staff members. In the second half we set up the new wordpress blog, CambridgeClusters where two of the students will be practicing their new found skills with Robert , Philip and I adding our 2/- worth.

In and out of the gutter.

Cleaning guttersWhilst walking to the bank, to pay in my Premium Bond winnings :-), I came across Andy & Dave cleaning gutters on the Cambridge Apartments building using an innovative  heavy duty vacuum cleaner, long pipe and a camera.

Pretty neat idea, especially in these health and safety times we live in, where any work on a ladder is frowned upon.

Interesting business promotion tool using word of mouth method to spread the idea – “If you ask for 10 postcards and deliver them to your neighbours. If 2 bookings are made then your gutters are cleaned for free.” Not sure how this idea works if I direct people to their, rather annoying, website!

Apparently it cost between £30 and £40 for an average house and you can call 0800 5677800 to get in touch with them.

Camera MountThe idea is pretty new as you can see from the jury rig of the camera to the pipe, so they need the business! I suggested that the guy with the pipe should be using video goggles. to make it less tiring.

It all bought back memories of my early days working with Pete Lorenz of Olympus Industrial on optical remote inspection 🙂 Except then they were wanting to look into vast chemical tanks and nuclear reactors.

Deserted or Desert?

Clear Roads in Dubai2Apparently George Bush is visiting Dubai, so at 4pm on Sunday (A normal working day in Islamic countries) a National Holiday was declared for today, Monday. Aren’t dictatorships so wonderful . You just do as you please 🙂
With the result today here was no traffic congestion, in fact no cars at all!

So I guess Bush will really get a flavour of this bustling place.

Thanks to Nick for the  iPhone picture of Dubai this morning.

Dubai visitHowever in the desert things were different according to this article in The Associated Press:-

“The motorcade of U.S. President George W. Bush makes its way down the desert road to a dinner hosted by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at the Royal Stables at Al Asayl Racing and Equestrian Club, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008, near the town of Sowaihan, United Arab Emirates.

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)”