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Adding a favicon to wordpress.

After looking at my 404 statistics and noticing the huge number of failed requests for a favicon.ico file I thought I should add one!

I added the favicon (the little graphic before the URL in the bar at the top of the screen) to my site by:-

  • Importing the desired picture into the site, although you can design an icon on the site too.
  • Upload the generated favicon.ico file to the WordPress themes/nigarila folder.
  • Then added this line to the file header.php: <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/favicon.ico” /> just before the </head> tag.

Hopefully, that will stay working! Many thanks to the WordPress help site for the code.


Kiara emailed me on 240918 and suggested this one.

this tool allows you to create favicons from pictures that are up to 5 MB from either JPG, PNG or GIF or even from a gallery. It also lets you generate favicons for different screen sizes and resolutions at the same time.

Geoff on wikia

Jimmy Wales has just released his new open source search engine wikia, which he thinks will overtake google in the future. Although I’m sure Jason over at Mahalo would disagree.

I did my vanity search geoff on it. In google I tend to be in the top 5 for geoff. On wikia I’m at:-

Wikia results for geoff

So I’m not impressed 🙁 However, in true open source fashion you can see exactly  how  Nutch (the engine that wikia uses )have rated my little website:-

Wikia calculations for geoff

If you can understand that! Although I guess the spammers and sploggers will!