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Sharing the good life….

Just thought I would share with all (8) readers my google reader statistics:-

Google Reader statistics

As you can see I’m averaging about 1500 new posts a working day down to around 600 a day at the weekends. I’ve been reading more consistently here in Les Gets as there seem to be fewer distractions, I can only hack about 5 hours a day riding the slopes 🙁

For those interested how I do it.

I use Google reader in List View, set to display updated items only. I then click on All items and then the first item. Using the J key takes you to the next post, K takes you to previous. Using the cursor keys scrolls down any long posts. Pressing S tags the post with a star, Shift S shares the item. To email the post I press e. (Other shortcuts press the ? key when in reader)

I also use Google Notebook which I have set up with pages for my interests. To add content I just highlight the text of interest and then click Clip on the relevant notebook page- this adds the clip and the posts url. Google notebook is in the cloud so I always have it.

The friends shared items works OK for my friends, so Sally sees me in her shared items but I cannot see hers 🙁

However I get to see Roberts, Davids, Hughs,Loics and Stowes shared items.
So there we go, George et al do their sudoku I do my google reader stuff. Its a good life here in Les Gets with 5litres of red for 10Euro 🙂 and a season ticket for 199 Euro for us golden oldies.

Geoff’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

  • Reading: "Jeremy Zawodny’s blog" ( #
  • Reading: "The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard" ( #
  • Good day boarding 4000m descent and 60km total travel. Now to watch more Father Ted with George 🙂 #
  • O2 upgrading my iPhone contract to 600mins and 500 texts per month from mid-march at no extra cost 35quid a month unltd data in UK inc #

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My Local MP in action…

So this is what we pay our MP’s to do:-

David Howarth (Cambridge, Liberal Democrat) | Hansard source

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I am having some difficulty understanding how motion No. 1 on today’s Order Paper can be in order. It appears to have been made under Standing Order 15(2)(b), in so far as it is a motion to be moved by a Minister of the Crown

“to the effect that any specified business may be proceeded with at this day’s sitting…until a specified hour”—

namely 10 o’clock. Since motion No. 1 is such a motion, whether it says so or not, it should be taken not now, but at 10 o’clock. However, if it were taken at 10 o’clock, it would have no effect, because it would be too late. Therefore, in my view the motion seems to be out of order.

Taken from the excellent site They Work for You.