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My new Olympus camera…

Thanks to Sally I’m now the proud owner of an Olympus SP-560UZ camera (An Amazon link as the Olympus website is as crap as ever) . So on my next big walk Nick won’t be able to complain about the image quality of my photographs.

Currently I’m digesting the 96page Advanced Instruction manual and trying to remember all my photo stuff, f number, ISO ratings and shutter speeds from 35 years ago 🙂River image

I tried it out on our Boxing day walk and some shots are up on flickr. The best one of the batch is this one with the swan and willows.  I took this one of a squirrel feeding on a bird feeder with the zoom at maximum but its out of focus 🙁

Apparently using their software I can automatically stitch together 3 images to make a panorama – will be interesting to see. I first will have to make my Leiki pole tripod!

In the New Year once the builders start driving their vans around  I will be out seeding my vanspot idea 🙂

Ro at the Plough & Fleece

Ro at the Plough & FleeceHere is Caroline talking to the new landlady of The Plough and Fleece in Horningsea, Cambridge. A favourite apparently for the folks on The Science Park.

We found it very warm and inviting after our 10 mile Boxing day walk along the river to Waterbeach Lock, Lode and then across the fields to the pub.

Her web site was down when I did the post. I tried to convince her of the power of blogging but I suspect she thinks it is a very low priority. I guess Ellee ought to pay her a visit!