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Taking the piss….

Great picture that caught my eye on Stoat’s blog, taken by him at St. Pancras station, rather sums up some of the UK youth quite well.Aspiring Googlers

Meanwhile here is a different perspective on the UK taken at The Judge Business school where aspiring MBA’s are grabbing business cards from the Google girl (Alison Parrin) at the recent Silicon Valley Connects event. Where we heard such gems as a MBA is a waste of time if you want to be an entrepreneur and that anything learnt as a management consultant will have to be un-learnt and my favourite were all the flying analogies in starting up companies such as Reid Hoffmans:- Starting a company is like jumping of a cliff and assembling an aeroplane on the way down with financing providing a thermal draught!

Images of the world..

Another very interesting idea from David Troy the creator of Twittervision,. This time it takes the latest photographs posted to Flickr and superimposes them on a rotating globe. and called Flickrvision

Click on the image snapshot below to get live postings.

Flickrvision photos around the world

Would make a good display in a cafe/restaurant I think

Many thanks to Lifehacker for the link

Blog Spam

I have been just looking at some of SallyinNorfolk‘s spam statistics. SpamKarma has achieved the following in the past 6months:-

  • Total Spam Caught: 47857 (average karma: -12846.66)
  • Total Comments Approved: 626 (average karma: 472.75)
  • Total Comments Moderated: 56

She is now the target of scrapers who are ripping her content.In the two days she has had WP-ban in place. The following addresses have been caught:-     Has tried 10 times.   Once Once Once Once

Interestingly I don’t get hit as much , Sally thinks that spammers are targeting subjects such as food and exercise.

Thank goodness for all the good folks writing wordpress plugins.