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Geoff’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-08

  • huge queues to get into new Cambridge John Lewis with all the staff cheering… #
  • Most popular destination in the new John Lewis – The brasserie. #
  • impressive demo of olympus SP560UZ by Olympus rep zoom 28 to 420 & 1cm macro #
  • In Savinos with Philip and Laurence …. #

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Cameras and Qumana

Here is another post using Qumana. Its a very clean system. However the way of entering images is poor, only using using the standard Mac way – That is pretty hopeless with just the filenames and no thumbnails.

However, it does allow you to insert ads in each post, which given my low readership is, maybe, not that handy 🙁

For this post I selected the word ‘camera’ for the ad keyword.

This is my twitter from this morning:-
GeoffJones impressive demo of olympus SP560UZ by Olympus rep zoom 28 to 420 & 1cm macro about 15 hours ago

The camera was really very good, especially running from 4 AA batteries, so ideal for taking to remote areas. The amazing thing is that John Lewis were selling it for over £340 Amazon had it for £240. So the cost of the demo was over £100

Here is an ad:-

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Now trying Ecto

Here is another post, this time done using Ecto, a bit fiddly to set up as it didn’t like logging into my account. Here is a picture again: It handled that rather well but the formatting is a bit awry and with no options for flickr . Although there is an Amazon helper. Here is colour again still US spelling. Also it didnt identify all the spelling mistakes

The import media feature was so quite good – bringing up thumbnails of all the piccys on the mac But the formatting seems a bit awry.. 28feb1977

Test using MarsEdit

THis is posted using MarsEdit on the iMac. Here is an image
Geoff on Ball.jpg
Gave lots of options including Flickr. However, to get WYSIWYG you have to click on preview which is a bit cumbersome as it shows a new window 🙂
Spelling works ok Although is it US or UK here is colour spelt the UK way which it doesn’t like 🙂
I think this one will hit the trash as well.