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Blogs or bogs

I’ve decided to venture up to the land of peat and bogs to make a second attempt at The Pennine Way. George, Steve and I made a start 41 years ago in 1965. We packed up at Malham having completed 66miles, Steve decided he had enough . (Following week I cycled from Blackpool to Edinburgh in the day!).

Will be interesting to see how far I get this time. Suzie in Hebden Bridge (41miles) and George in Kendal (101miles) have been put on red alert in case of back up.

After reading the experiences of David Gibbins and Justin Turner I go to bed a slightly worried man 🙁

Apparently a high pressure is building up forecasting good weather for the first few days. Although I’m sure the bogs will be very deep.

IE7 download

Downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7beta this morning all 12MB of it plus all its ‘updates’, after all it was released yesterday.

I thought I would see what extensions were available:-

Wow just look at the size of those downloads! and they expect me to pay for them too!

Interestingly the default search engine is Google:

I also can’t see a way of displaying a directory in the links bar. Also the links bar seemed to not be there after install. You have to fiddle like in the old IE to get it to appear as a complete bar.

So far I can’t see any reason to change from Firefox