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Anyone for tennis? Real of course…

Took myself off for my first lesson in Real Tennis today under the guidance of Kees Ludekens the senior coach at Cambridge University Real Tennis Club, yep a bit of a mouthful and rather offputting as you don’t have to belong to the university at all to join.

Really enjoyable especially under Kees eagle eye, spotting all my mistakes (Using the racquet like in badminton – just doesn’t work!). Things I have to remember is to imagine a camera in the racquets handle looking at the oncoming ball, serving slower and serving sideways on – plus all the names of the parts of the court!

I notice in the Wikipedia article that there is a court in Australia at Ballarat where my friend, from infant school, Stan Jeffery lives. Will have to convince him to take it up.

My next session is Wednesday 26th April at 12.30 if anyone fancies joining me for group instruction under Kees.

A barrage of hope.

At last the green power community have homed in on the right thing for us folks on this sceptred isle to do. One project that can provide upto 7% of the UK’s electricity for the next few hundred years with no pollution greenhouse gases, radiation or fuel costs.

The BBC report today that the Severn Barrage is under active consideration again. I remember the earlier attempts and the report in 1975 which came out against it (I’m pretty sure, rather unbelievably, no consideraion of fuel cost was allowed in power station building, so the fact the ‘fuel’ was free was ignored rather like the Scottish hydroelectric schemes which produced ‘the most expensive’ electricity in the UK and now of cause produce the cheapest.

The fact that we could have had a Severn crosssing for ‘free’ instead of the £300,000,000 that was spent on the second crossing plus all the other tourism benefits means we have already lost out considerably.

Lets hope the ducks don’t win this one and that sanity prevails.