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Hear from your MP

Following on from my recent post where I was one of 162 (now 168) people who have signed up for the Hear from your MP service.

Last week David happened to turn up at the door promoting his local bod (Steven Cooper whose interests I note are ethereal – Music, Singing, Film, Holiness, Justice rather than the hardworking local campaigner as on his flyer.) in the Cambridge City council elections. I harrangued David about his failure to reply to emails (denied even getting them) and pointed out Ellee’s comments about him been an academic and hence aloof.

So imagine my delight to receive from him today a letter and also that he has posted its contents to the hearfromyourmp website.

Apparently he is on the committee that is poring over the “the Abolition of Parliament Bill” or its more arcane title “Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill“; yep the one that will allow ministers and their lackeys to produce laws that allow you to be locked up for 2 years without parlimentary scrutiny.

Unusually we had the current incumbent for our ward, Kevin Blencowe of Labour knock on the door last night. He thought maybe he knew me – I’ve only lived here for 20 years and stood as an independent canditate a few years ago!