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Weightlifters fly Easyjet

Easyjet remove weight restrictions on carry on baggage obviously to strike a blow to Ryanairs new 10Kg carry on limit.

With the bag size given 55 X 40 X 20cms give a weight of 48Kg at a density of 1

Having spent the last few years blogging and surfing I have steadily become more disullusioned with modern media (I no longer watch TV or read newspapers but gain all my general knowledge from blogs and the web) and have felt much critisiced by the folks around me for been a geek – in the negative sense.

Well this Sunday was a grand revelation to me. I travelled with Suzanne to see her relations one of whom is sectioned at The Homerton hospital and who is been subjected to ECT a rather barbaric treatment IMHO just for going wandering in London. However, the real surprise was at her brother in laws house were he was watching LIVE big brother and what did that involve? Yep watching folks sleeping!! Now I know why my dad used to watch “There will now be an interlude” cards on the old TV. Is this what digital TV was invented for. A mass soporific device?

So the question is who is the more crazy. The guy watching someone sleep on big brother or the old lady who wants to explore her childhood haunts? Jeez what a world

A cool diet and excercise programme constructed by an engineer and succesful businessman (the founder of AutoCAd) is here Just need to get those bluetooth scales designed and working so that it automatically updates the excel spreadsheet.

Just started the ladder excercise programme. Most difficult bit was the steps – fare got the heart going.

And here is a set of scales with a PC link