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This is a poem written by a friend who was killed when he fell off his pushbike in Cambridge. found by his widow after his death and read at his funeral:-

“Ted’s Song Written by Ted Barnes” “07/07/2002; 00:10:11”

I am wounded beyond
What nature can repair
I just have strength to write you
This letter of despair

If death is just a door
To an afterlife
Then I should be happy
To say farewell my wife

I’ll see you one day soon
With all our family there
Gathered all around us
Free of earthly care

If death is just an ending
An empty nowhere land
Then I should have no fear
To let that door slam

If death is just a doorway
To another life
I wonder if I’ll meet you

In another guise

If death is like a sleep
Of ghostly flight
I promise not to haunt you
Though it would be fun to try.

Read by Harriet at Ted’s funeral 5 July 2002

Reader Comments

  1. Wow, it is amazing to think that someone in there last moments in this life, can think so clearly as to write such as touching and heartfelt poem to share with his wife, family, and friends. As I read the poem I started to think if I could be so strong to write something so beautiful in my last moments on this earth. I was truly inspired and have added the wonderful poem to my collection.

    Thanks John,

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