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1st Year

Geoff Year 1

Carried through the worst winter in living memory. Finally born, early in the morning, to the sound of foxes in the hottest summer after a 15/- Ambulance ride from Creswell to the local maternity hospital.

We moved house to our brand new estate home in November and then at 9 months old I contacted Whooping Cough and went into a fit, dispatched to Mansfield Isolation Hospital on my fathers 38th birthday. Much to every ones surprise I survived and went to Mablethorpe for a well needed holiday in 16th July 1948. Jack Stamps was Grandad Fawkes nick name for me, much to my mothers annoyance.

The real Jack Stamps was the centre forward at Derby who helped them win their only FA cup in 1946. Full story found here.

Interestingly Jack Stamps may have been the head boy at Derby Grammar School when they were evacuated to Overton Hall in 1939, where my parents met!

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